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Macros in StyleADVISOR: Making Formatting Easier

Mar 20, 2014 Jeremy Poulin
One feature that is often overlooked in StyleADVISOR is the macros feature. Macros allow a user to record a string of text and/or color formatting changes and apply those changes to other places within their workbook with just a single click. This feature can be accessed in two ways. The first way is through the “Tools” menu, located at the top of your StyleADVISOR program. The other way is through a toolbar that can be applied to your StyleADVISOR program via the View menu. The below instructions will walk you through building and applying macros using the toolbar method, but the same steps can be applied through the “Tools” menu.

Inserting the macros toolbar:
Select the “View” menu at the top of your StyleADVISOR program. Click on “Toolbars”. Once the toolbars menu appears, scroll to the bottom of the available toolbars and check the box next to “Macro”. This will insert the Macro toolbar into StyleADVISOR (image below).

Recording a macro:
After inserting the macro toolbar you can now record a macro. To record a macro you first click on top of the record symbol located on your macro toolbar. The “Record Macro” screen will appear. On this screen you can either record a temporary macro or save a macro as a file. By selecting to save a macro as a file means that it can be used in other workbooks you create in StyleADVISOR. Once you have selected one of these two options click the “OK” button (image below).

Once you have click “OK” your mouse pointer will show with a pause symbol beside it. This means that a macro can now be recorded. To record the macro simply go through the regular process of making a formatting change in StyleADVISOR. Once you’ve completed making all of the changes, you need to record the macro, by clicking on top of the record symbol again to stop the recording of the macro.

Applying the macro:
The last step is to apply your macro to the rest of your workbook. With macros in StyleADVISOR you can either apply a macro over the entire workbook or to a single place at a time. To apply a macro to a single place at a time you first select the furthest right play buttons dropdown arrow. After clicking this you will be given a list of available macros to apply. Click on the one you just recorded and notice your mouse pointer has now changed to a hand with a play button beside it. This means that you can now click in the area you would like to apply your macro. Once you are done applying your macro to all areas of your StyleADVISOR workbook, be sure to click the play button on your toolbar again to turn the macro off (images below).

We hope that these instructions help you understand macros and make your StyleADVISOR use more efficient and effective. As always, if you have any questions on macros or any other StyleADVISOR feature, the support team can be e-mailed at or called at (800)789-5323/(775)588-0654.

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