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Are you ready for StyleADVISOR 8.4! It’s now available!

Sep 25, 2013 Jeremy Poulin

We are pleased to announce the release of StyleADVISOR 8.4. This new version offers many new features and enhancements. Below are descriptions of those new features and enhancements introduced with StyleADVISOR 8.4.

We have added Value-At-Risk (VAR) and Conditional Value-At-Risk (CVAR) as two of the statistics now available for use in StyleADVISOR. Our resident mathematician, David Kirkman and director of research, Marc Odo have written two papers focusing on the implementation and understanding of VAR and CVAR. Both papers can be found here

Return/Time View
A graph looking at a manager’s periodic returns over time has been added to the StyleADVISOR gallery. This graph is a compliment to the VAR and CVAR statistics discussed previously. Below is a snap shot of the new graph.

Ticker Search
Many small enhancements have been added to the manager selection screen, but the biggest one by far is the ability to now search a database by a funds ticker. A user now has the ability to paste tickers into the search bar within the manager selection dialog and search only for those specific tickers, rather than search results that contain a combination of a tickers letters. This allows for a more accurate search in the dialog.

Benchmark Color Changes
Another big request we were receiving from our clients, was the need for the ability to change a benchmarks color globally across a workbook. This feature has now been introduced into StyleADVISOR 8.4. This feature is accessed through the Edit menu, under change manager symbols. The color can now be changed not only for the managers within a workbook on a global scale, but the benchmark and style benchmark as well.

There are also a few smaller enhancements found in StyleADVISOR 8.4 such as, the end date of an analysis now defaults to use latest date so that a user’s workbook opens with the most current return information downloaded on the computer. We have completely rebuilt our select statistics window to make it easier to search, organize and select statistics for display in StyleADVISOR graphs and tables. Other enhancements include, the calendar year returns table defaults to show 10 years versus the previous default of just 10 columns. New tabs inserted into a user’s workbook now insert to the right of the previous tab rather than the left, for easier organization. Lastly new links for have been added to the help menu for quicker access to informational documents. We hope that you find the new features and enhancements in StyleADVISOR 8.4 useful and as with anything, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our support team at (800) 789-5323 or by e-mail

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