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Uploading Custom Returns: StyleADVISOR and Zephyr OnDEMAND play well with Excel

May 23, 2012 Jeremy Poulin
Have you ever felt limited by other financial programs when working with your custom data? Or, does the process take too long for your busy schedule? Well, this is a problem that we have solved in StyleADVISOR and Zephyr OnDEMAND with the help of Excel.

The harmony we have created between StyleADVISOR/Zephyr OnDEMAND and Excel allows you to take your custom returns, format them into a simple layout and upload them straight into StyleADVISOR or Zephyr OnDEMAND with ease. When we refer to custom returns we are referring to your client’s returns from a portfolio accounting system, obscure indices you may find, hedge fund returns you may get directly from the hedge fund or manager returns you obtain from sites such as Yahoo or Google finance. The only data required to upload custom returns via Excel, is the custom manager’s returns and the corresponding dates.

Uploading your custom returns into StyleADVISOR is not limited to monthly returns, it can also be done with quarterly or daily returns. Zephyr OnDEMAND currently supports monthly and quarterly returns. Just as the periodicity of your returns is not limited nor is the number of custom returns that you can upload all at once into StyleADVISOR or Zephyr OnDEMAND. You can simply maintain all of your custom return streams on a single Excel tab. This allows you to enter a new month’s return for each manager then upload all return streams at once into StyleADVISOR and/or Zephyr OnDEMAND.

After your custom manager returns are uploaded, you have all the manager analysis features available within StyleADVISOR or Zephyr OnDEMAND at your disposal. If you are interested in saving time and making your life easier when working with custom data, check out our data upload instructions for both StyleADVISOR and Zephyr OnDEMAND attached to this blog post. As always, Product Support is available by phone at (800) 789-5323 or (775) 588-0654, or by e-mail at to answer any questions you may have on uploading custom returns via Excel.

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