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Revisiting Sharpe's “Tracks in the Sand”

Aug 23, 2017 Ryan Nauman
Nearly 30 years have passed since William Sharpe introduced returns-based style analysis (RBSA) to the investment world in his landmark article, “Determining a Funds Effective Asset Mix.” In 1992, RBSA became commercially available through Zephyr StyleADVISOR. Numerous other software programs have followed suite by offering RBSA within their applications.

Factoring in Factors

Jun 22, 2017 Ryan Nauman
Over the past few years, factor investing, or so-called “smart beta” investment strategies, have been wildly popular—among investment product providers, at least.

Q3 2016 PSN Top Guns – Additional Stimulus Propels Markets

Nov 29, 2016 Ryan Nauman
Equity markets around the world didn’t allow the Brexit results to hold them down during the third quarter, as the primary global equity markets rallied. Investors’ confidence increased as it became clearer that the Brexit fallout would have a muted immediate impact on the global economy. The Federal Reserve left interest rates untouched during the quarter and yields on global sovereign debt remained at all-time lows with a record amount of sovereign debt trading at negative yields.

StyleADVISOR: Centering Intercepts

Apr 28, 2016 Jeremy Poulin
One of the most popular graphs used in Zephyr StyleADVISOR is the Risk/Return graph. Users often ask how to center the vertical and horizontal intercept lines on this graph. When the Risk/Return graph is pulled into a report from the gallery, by default the vertical and horizontal intercept lines are skewed on the X and Y axis to the benchmarks return and risk values. For most, this is not the desired look. In this post, we will cover how to center the intercept lines to give the Risk/Return graph a cleaner look for your reporting.

StyleADVISOR: Formatting Chart Layers

Mar 15, 2016 Jeremy Poulin
This blog post will discuss formatting the different chart layers used to build Zephyr StyleADVISOR charts. Each chart in Zephyr StyleADVISOR is made up of several layers. Each layer of a chart can be customized with a different color, border or image.

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